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How long do you stay at a wedding?

We stay as long as you want us, packages starting from 6 hours and ranging to all day.


Do you do videography?

Yes, video is a large core part of our business and we love the chance it gives us to be creative and produce eye catching and attention-grabbing memories for years to come.


How would you describe your style of photography?

Depending on what we are photographing, however we would say fun, creative, artistic, romantic, classic and vibrant with a very relaxed feel.


How many photos will I receive?

This is difficult to answer, because it varies between wedding to wedding. Generally, you will receive approximately 600-2000 images from the day, but it doesn’t mean it will be limited to that number, but rather, we will attempt to give you every single good photo. We’re pretty sure you don’t want photos of Mums eyes closed or Uncle Bob sneezing. We put all your images through our editing process and ensure the ones you are given are perfect. Your edited images are delivered via a customised USB or electronically in high resolution with no watermarks of any kind.


Do you photograph weddings outside Adelaide?

Yes, we do and we love to travel to different locations! We do not charge travel expenses for weddings within 2 hours of Adelaide. If your wedding is outside South Australia then all you need to cover is our plane ticket/fuel costs and accommodation!


We’ve heard horror stories about cancellations, lost/corrupt photos and hard drives, how do you address this? We offer you a premium service with a dedicated team that is there for you 100%. In the very slim chance the team member you have booked to capture your day is not able to be there we have a fantastic back up team that are always on hand if needed and ensure you the same high-quality service and products that you are promised.
As for lost or corrupt photos/hard drives we have plenty of back-up systems in place when arriving home to upload your images and footage.
Our cameras have multiple SD cards so there’s always a back on camera in case something happens to the other. 


I have other enquiries, what do I do?
When you get your reply from us, take a look at our packages, make a few notes on questions you want to ask and be sure to send them through. This will let us know that you’re interested in possibly moving forward with your booking and we can make a tentative note in our diary. If another enquiry comes through before we hear back from you we will touch base and see where you’re at with your decision, however your date is not 100% held until a $500 deposit is secured and your paperwork is signed with us.

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