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Meet Tania & Mike

This is us

We love our job.

Yes, we know people say that but we genuinely love our job. Every day brings a new adventure, we get to meet new people, learn new things and set ourselves new challenges.
We love being business owners, photographers and videographers and get a great deal of satisfaction in being able to create works that are able to immortalise the moments in life that are so important to our clients.
Being a family business means we get to work side by side each day, this is important to us because our business is such an important part of our life.

Our love for photography and videography extends to all parts of our life.

At the age of 11 Tanya’s dad bought her first camera. Since this day she has been creating lasting moments from those things that inspire her. Growing up in country New South Wales saw her craving a great story, capturing lovely things, creating beautiful images and being drawn in and out of dream worlds and the love of storytelling. 

7 years ago, Mike ventured into the world of photography and videography after he met Tanya. A mad music fan, bringing bands to South Australia for years and enjoying music at the same time. As time progressed in their relationship Tanya would go to gigs with Mike, and with Mike being creative himself, was keen to learn how the camera worked after seeing Tanya work her magic capturing the atmosphere so beautifully at these gigs.

So, as our full-time photo and video business evolved we moved into photographing the world of live bands. Music is a large part of our lives. Those dim lights, the passion on the faces of the band members and the reactions of the crowds are some of our most treasured memories. Naturally progressing into videography helps us to tell your story that little bit more by capturing the present in video form as well.

Over the years the bands introduced us to extraordinary people whom we never thought we would get the chance to meet, some of which we have idolised since a young age, from here came weddings – friends weddings followed by new weddings in the dreamiest of places and so the adventure continues.

Having the privilege of living in different cities has taken on the most magical journey which now continues on for us both in residing South Australia, spending loads of time in Melbourne and working Australia wide.

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